Kung Fu-Ash 

Intro I- barre E w/wah effect

Intro II- E B E B A B

E    B     E           B 
Kung Fu oh do what you do to me
A                              B
Haven't been the same since my teenage lobotomy
E     B       E            B 
'Fore long, I went to Hong Kong
     A                      B       
With Bruce Li's brother and Johnny Wong
D   A        B                A       G 
I think its  strange, he wears a Fu Manchu
And he thinks he loves you, oh oh oh ah oh
D   A           B                                         A       G
Oh (garbled phrase with the "an" syllable featured), made in Taiwan
C'mon Jackie Chan, oh oh oh ah oh

Repeat Intro I


Last night Jackie Chan came around
I played pool with him and we hung out
Mr. Miagi and the X-men
Called in for a while as well


Kung Fu do what you do to me
I can't live without my Kung Fu movies
'Shanghai Killers' and 'Deadly Road'
My life was ruined when the Green Dragon closed

Chorus x2