Ash-Let it Flow

D5 X577XXX
E 022100
A X02220
C#m 446654
F# 244322
B X244XX
F#m 244222  
Bbdim X1202X
D/F#  2X0232
G 355XXX
Bm 224432

D E A E A E C#m F#...............,BBBBBB, EEEEEEEEE, AAA, C#m, F#, F#m, B, Bbdim.  

Verse 1
D                       D/F#            G                         A  
Here she comes, walkin' cross the sand, she'll never know how she blows my mind  
      F#             Bm        F#   Bm                G               A  
She's there with the chemicals in my brain, spinnning softly round my head  
D                             D/F#              G5             A   
I'm gonna give in, I'll never change my mind, I feel it now, tonight is the night  
    F#         Bm    F#    Bm           G5             A   Bbdim   
And why should I try to resist when its calling out to me, calling out to me-ee.  

E          A     E  C#m    F#  
     She's blown my mind ,   
                       B       E        A        E      C#m  
She is always blown my mind,      She's blown my mind  
F#          F#m             B  
     She is always blown my mind  

The autumn and winter have been and gone, half the time I never knew what was wrong.
I never noticed I was feeling down, it just went day by day  
She'll never know how she turned it 'round, she'll never know how she blows my mind.
It was a long time coming to me, I'm gonna outshine every star.  
She's gonna break it through.  


  A                           E                    Bm         A   
I wont be able to help myself falling in love with her i have all the time in the world
    E              Bm        A                                    E              Bm  
The answers always there and why should I try to resist, when its calling out to me  
        A                                E                  Bm             A  
She can take my heart or pay the price, she's the sweetest thing I've ever known.  

Verse 1


E  A till end