Blur - A Song

A   C   D    A   C   D#

A    C		  D
When he speaks to her
G	A#m	  G
Without looking at her
A	     C	       D#
You sing the driest of words
A#       A	 E
With his mind on what's on the telly
A   C		D
The rumors pass on
G     A#m        G
As he staggers through the air
A       C	    D#
Knowing he won't get home
A#     A       E
To the word of people in cars alone (???)

E ---------3-5-3-5-3-5-----------3-5-7--|
B --------------------------------------|
G ---2-5-4----------------2-5-4---------|  to fade
D --------------------------------------|
A -0--------------------0---------------|
E --------------------------------------|

A#m: 1		A#: 1
     2              3
     3              3
     3              3
     1              1