E ------3-------3---------3-------3------     -3-3-3-3---3---3--
B --0-------0---------1-------1---------| 2x  ---------1---1----
G ----0-------0---0-----0-------0---0----     ------------------

G            C                    G
So far we've not really stayed in touch
C              Bb9           C	             G	
Well I knew as much, it's no surprise that today
     C            G    C               Bb9
I'll get up round two, with nothing to do
Except get a touch of flu

      Am			  D	
And I might as well just grin and bear it
         C		             A	
'Cos its not worth the trouble of an argument
       Am                  D	
And in any case I'd rather wear it
            C               A	
Your like a bad head in the morning

And I know......

Mid 8:
Am	Em	Am
Am	Em	  C   (D)