Chemical World  (From:  Modern Life is Rubbish, Blur)

 - There are two guitar parts througout the whole song (as well as a 3rd in the
    solo).  Anyway, I hope this helps you out a bit:

  Guitar 1, verse: (mild distortion)


   - Repeat this riff throughout "The pay me girl...very very very cheap"

   Guitar 2, verse:  (mild distortion)

         A                    A/Ab                        D             C
    "The pay me girl has had enough of the bleeps, so she takes a bus into

        the country..."

      where:   A = 577655       (low to high)
            A/Ab = 477650       (play low 4 with thumb)
               D = xx0232
               C = x32010
               G = 320003

   Guitar 1, chorus:


   -  This is difficult to follow, but its pretty close to the actual guitar
        line.  This gets repeated through every chorus as well as through the
        last portion of the song.

   Guitar 2, chorus:

   A                        A/Ab  F#m        C#m        Bm         D   F
    "Well I don't know about you, but their putting the holes in, yes, yes..."

       where:  F#m = 244222
               C#m = x46654
               Bm  = x24432
                 F = 133211