Chinese Bombs  by Blur

Tabbed by Sam Wander (

This is my first tabbing so BEWARE!

I've worked out the intro and the chorus and bit more,
but I don't know about the verses. 

I got the lyrics from

The whole song is on the E and A strings so they're the only ones I'll show.

If anyone can work out the verse then please send it to complete the song.
I think it follows the words quite closely.

Repeat this 6 times

He makes an inner arm block   
Then kicks from behind 
The lights they go off                                                 
But he can fight blind                                                    
Coz' he got the touch                                                    
But he won't live long  
Coz' he comes from Hong Kong                                             
Where justice is done                                                    

 Trem. Picking                                                          

Chinese Bombs, 

(trem. pick the five with the words, then pick 5,5,7,6 normally after the
words, repeat for the next 3 lines) 

Millions jump,                                                        
Chairman's junk, 

(Now do the same but move down to --4------4-4-6-5)
Won't Somebody, 
Won't Somebody,                                                       

Sink the place  (this line with intro riff)

then, Intro riff x2
Got a cab to go to Soho                                                    
The dragon says go                                                     
Let everyone know                                                         
You got the touch                                                        
You come from Hong Kong                                   
Where justice is done                                                 
Where people are strong                                                
And you won't live long                                                  

(For this chorus every line uses the --5---5-5-7-6 riff)

Chinese Bombs, 
Millions jump,                                                          
Chairman's junk to Hong Kong                                             
Bruce Lee comes to save the day                                         
Bruce Lee comes the Chinese way