Blur-End Of A Century

e ----15--13--------13--12-------15--13-----8-----
B ----15--15--------13--13-------15--15-----8-----
G -16--------14--14--------12--16------14---9-----
D ------------------------------------------10----
A ------------------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------

		 G		    Gmaj7
She says there's ants in the carpet
Em		      Em7
Dirty little monsters
Eb		       D
Eating all the morsels
Bm		       C
Picking up the rubbish
G			Gmaj7
Give her effervescence
    Em			   Em7
She needs a little sparkle
Eb		  D
Good morning t.v.
       Bm		  C
You're looking so healthy

Em		 D
We all say don't want to be alone
Em			 D
We wear the same clothes cause we feel the same
Em	      D			   C
And kiss with dry lips when we say g'night
C		B C
End of a century, oh it's nothing special

Sex on the t.v.
Everybody's at it
And the mind gets dirty
As you get closer to thirty

He gives her a cuddle, glowing in a huddle
Good night t.v., you're all made up
And you're looking like (me)

(repeat chorus)

Bridge: Play intro
Can you eat her, yes you can

(repeat chorus 2x)