Free Me

Song: Free Me
Source: Mother Nature Calls
Written By: John Power

Generally easy to play. I've done two versons of the intro. One is the simple 
verson and the other is a verson is like playing rhythm and lead at the same 
time. I got the extented verson wrong last time but it's right now.

Intro 1:
 Am           Dsus2 
|--1-1-1-1-1--3--3-1-3-1-0-| [The strumming is U= Up Bottom E to Top &
|--0-2-2-0-2--2--2-2-2-2-0-|  B= Bottom which is the other way round.]
   D U U D U  D  U U U D U

Intro 2:
  Am          Dsus2
|-----------------------------| [Play which ever intro your playing
|--------------3--3-1-3-1-0---|  4 times.] 
|-----------------------------| What the HELL is that bloody "Mewwo"
|-----------------------------| noise you can hear! Send your answers
|-----------------------------| on a postcard to...

Verse 1:
Am                    Dsus2   
Give me some time to be me
Am                      Dsus2
Give me the space that I need
Am                Dsus2  
Give me a reason to be
Give me some time to be___.
            F                  G
I've got to open up my eyes to see.

Verse 2:
Give me the air that I breath (Meewo)
Give me the taste that is sweet (Meewo)
Feeding a space that's in me (Meewo)
Just free me, free me, free_____.

Out on a ledge can make it
Out of my death can face, face_____ it. Face____ it.
Livin' this life ain't easy, 
Living with dreams that free, free_____ me, free me.

Verse 3:
So give me the words that fall free
Give me the song that I sing
Listening hard to hear me
Give me some time to be
You've got to open your eyes to see.

Verse 4:
Give me the love that I need
Show me the lights that blinds me
Just bring it all closer to me
Just free me, so free me, so free______ me.


Bridge: [Follow on from chorus]
     F     G  
Am7                   G 
   I wonder why your so far away,
   I wonder why your so far away,
So far away.

Musical Interlude: [As intro]

Verse 5:
As wide as the ocean in me
As high as the sky above me
As deep as the earth beneath me,
It's free, it's free, so free______.

               [Chords as intro] 
Vocal 1:[As verse 5]
Vocal 2:Free_____________________________.

I hope you have fun playing this because It's now one of my all time favorites. 
Don't forget to do the "Meewo" who ever's doing the backing vocals.