How High-The Charlatans

Chords Used: D, Cadd9, G, F, C
             F, Fmaj7, Am, Em,


D / G / Cadd9/ Fmaj7 / C / (repeat)

D                G                   Cadd9  
How high can you kiss the sun, run a minute mile
          Fmaj7 C          D             
while you hitch hike, love shines a light, I'll be
     G                       Cadd9              
your winners cup and I'll be looking for the one who
Fmaj7  C               D                    G
cut you up, your'e not having me I know the skies are
                 Cadd9                  Fmaj7 C
mean and I'll be looking for the one to free you.

F(STACCATO)                                 Fmaj7
Cos I'm fixing holes, the ones you broke up coming
          C              F(STACCATO)     
from your drive, and the hands that rocks you cuts you 
        Fmaj7          C
up like lyrics of your life    (ooowaaoooowaaa....)

D / G / Cadd9/ Fmaj7 / C / (x2)

VERSE:(same chords as 1st verse)

Can't by what I've done before I wanna open up another

door, I'm gonna let you pass on  another pass, I wanna

be the king while you zig zag, on a holy road like Kain

from Kung foo, How high can you kiss the sun.

(Then Chorus)

              Am    Em      F            C         
Love shines a light, and it bends and it burns, I know
    Am   Em      F           C           Am   
I'm right, I can bend till I burst, when love shines a 
Em        F               C       G                 
Light and repays you with us, yeah too right I'm gonna
spend my time till the day I die.

(then Verse 1, chorus, then middle ending on D.)