Dum Dums - Closer To You

D---2---2---2---2-    x2

Cadd9    Dsus4        G/B    Cadd9
Falling asleep on the family couch
Cadd9        Dsus4       G/B   Cadd9
Rain falling down on the empty house
Cadd9   Dsus4    G/B   Cadd9     
Far too young to be... making out

Cadd9 Dsus4 G/B Cadd9

We woke up late and we both freaked out
You didn't want your Mom and Dad to find out
When you sleep, it looks like you are dead
And I get so upset, living without you

Chorus w/verse
Ahh ahhhh I wanna be closer to you
Ahh ahhhh I wanna be closer to you

I'll send you valentines written in my blood
I'll give you poetry written in my head
Would your life be happier without me
Maybe i'll just stop living

I've got a photograph of you inside my head
I've got your lipstick in a shrine beside my bed
You're my religion, my death and resurrection
And we are destined to spend eternity together

Chorus x2

Em                       Cadd9
Feel free to take me for granted
        G                 D
I'll be doing the same to you       x4

For so long.... for so long
What we had could we ever get back
Innocence of a child and all that
And they say I've gotta stay away
I've gotta wait my turn
I know it's gonna come someday


Outro w/verse
I wanna be closer to you
I wanna be closer to you
I wanna be closer to you
I wanna be closer to you

End on Cadd9

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