G		320033
Cadd9		x32033
A7sus4	x02033

Capo 2

G Cadd9 A7sus4 Cadd9

Verse w/intro
Guess I'm stuck in a dream
Surrounded by coloured leaves on the ground 
As I stare at the trees 
I see one fall down on my hand
As I start to explore 
I can't ignore a man 
He turns his head around 
His face was all worn by the sun 

Chorus w/intro
I'm going out for a while 
So I can get high with my friends (I will)
I'm going out for a while 
Don't wait up cos I won't be home (Today) 

Drifting down a road
Losing myself in a dream
Feel my hands getting cold
Sat in a boat on a lake 


Climbing up trying my best
As I sink

Lying back on the floor
Reaching up high into space
See myself in a glass 
I'm counting the lines on my face Again 
Counting the lines on my face

Chorus x2