Fix Me Now, Not My Idea, Only Happy When It Rains, Stupid Girl, Supervixen, Vow

I Think I'm Paranoid, Medication, Push It, Special

Version 2.0 Album

Gerry Rafferty

Baker Street

Gigolo Aunts

Where I Find My Heaven

Goo Goo Dolls

Iris, Slide

Green Day

86, Bab's Uvula Who?, Brainstew, Brat, Stuck With Me, Walking Contradiction

All By Myself, Basketcase, Burnout, Chump, F.O.D., Having A Blast, Longview, Pulling Teeth, She, Welcome To Paradise, When I Come Around

Good Riddance, Hitchin' A Ride, Nice Guys Finish Last, Redundant, The Grouch

Blood Sex And Booze, Castaway, Church On Sunday, Deadbeat Holiday, Fashion Victim, Hold On, Jackass, Macy's Day Parade, MinorityWaiting, Warning

The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Dookie Album, Insomniac Album, Nimrod Album, Warning Album


Word Up

Guns n' Roses

November Rain