07/11/14: I haven't completely forgotten about this and I hope to have some new tabs up shortly.

17/09/11: New tabs up!

29/08/11: The links below will no longer work as the forum expired due to inactivity. The forum link above now goes to a different one and I am hoping to have new songs up this week.

03/04/11: New tabs up!

07/01/11: A belated happy new year to you! No new songs up just yet but a whole load of broken links have been fixed.

12/12/10: Old tabs up! I've recoved most of what was missing.

10/12/10: New tabs up!

06/12/10: Sparkystabs.co.uk is back from the dead! I seem to have lost some tabs somewhere along the line though.

Let me know what tabs I need and what you think of what's here on the forum.