Neve - Skyfall

        A                     E/G#
I had a dream I fell behind a hidden wall
         F#m                     E/G#
Began to see a world through new eyes
             A                         E/G#
I can't wake up I don't really want to figure out
        F#m                              E/G#
What it means to rush right through this life

D                A
Upside-down on a ceiling floor
I don't think I'll be coming back for more
D                  A
Running blind into what I see
Not afraid to set it free
That's just the way it should be

A                        E/G#
When will the sky fall beneath us?
F#m                      E
Will we make sense of it all?
I'm going through things in my mind
We just hide behind
        Bm               F  G
And I'm not the only one

I took a turn and got stuck inside
This played out scheme
A revolution underneath your blue sky
I'm underground so come around and upside down
We will try
To look beyond ourselves so we both can survive

Flashback dropping in a state of bliss
Hooked up wishing but it doesn't really exist
I won't die in a dream that's dead
I'd rather take in the head
That's just the way it should be


Well I don't know

Instrumental (First half of chorus x 2)

Upside down on a ceiling floor
I know that I'll be coming back for more
I filter out through a faded screen
A Universe so obscene
D                     A
Tell me now when it's time to cut free
We'd better start living better take another leap

Chorus x 2 (Finish F  E rather than F  G)