Tune down half a step

Verse: E5 C5

Chorus: A5 A#5 B5 A#5  play that 8x then:
E5 C5 play that 4x then:
A5 A#5 E5(7th fret) F5(8th fret) play that 2x

Butchered sincerity, act out of loyalty
Defend your true country, wish away pain 
Hand out lobotomies, to save little families
Surrealistic fantasy, bland, boring, pain 

Hold me down in restitution
Living out your date with fusion 
Is the whole fleece, shun in bastard
Don't feel guilty, master writing

Somebody says that they are not much like I am
I know I can make enough words for you to follow along
I sing your song

Sickening pessimists, hypocrite master 
Conservative communists, apocalyptic bastards
Thank you, dear God for putting me on this Earth
I feel very privileged in debt for my thirst