Love Buzz-Nirvana

This was recorded accidentally tuned up a half step. The way it is tabbed here
sounds 1/2 step lower than it is on the CD.

Intro (Bass tabbed for guitar):
5:            4^5^4
6: 5  x 3 5 6       play 4x

Intro (Guitar)
A5 chord 4x, then this:
Riff A
1:   0 0 5^3^0
2:            5^3^0
3: 2               4^2^0
4: 2
5: 0
play that 4x, then play this:
Riff B
3:             6^7^6
4: /7    5 7 8
play that 4x, then Riff A 4x substituting the following strange bend for
the pullofs the last time:
6: (5)/17

Verse: Bass Intro Riff
Chorus: Guitar Intro Riff

repeat those riffs a couple of times until the solo at which point it gets
strange and frightening. This part cannot be tabbed...

Would you believe me when I tell you
you are the queen of my heart?
Please don't decieve me when I hurt you,
Just ain't the way it seems.

Can you feel my love buzz? (repeated).