Nirvana - Spank Thru

intro: A,G,D,A,G,D,A,G,D...
       There's something ?????... (these lyrics are hard to understand)


D           A
I can't explain just why

   F                G
we lost it from the start.

D              A
Living without you girl,

    F             G
you only break my heart.




I can feel it
I can hold it
I can bend it
I can shape it
I can fold it
I can count it
I can taste it
I can spank it

Chorus: (I can't figure out these lyrics)


verse repeated

chorus repeated

solo - not transcribed here

chorus repeated

ends on an 'E' chord

All the flowers have gingivitis.
And the birds fly happily.
We're togehter once again my love.
I need you back oh baby baby.