Don't Hide Your Love - The Rembrandts

Recommended chord positions: 
                       G    32OO33   or   355433
                       D    xxO232   or   x57775
                       Bm   x24432   or   799777
                       A    xO222O   or   577655
                       C    x32O1O   or   x35553
                       B    x24442   or   799877
Intro:  G  D  Bm  A  (x4)

Verse 1:  G  D             Bm  A           G
               You read a lot, that I know
             D              Bm  A            G
               But what you do, goes to show
                             D            Bm
               You know it's never enough
             A          G             D  Bm  G
               Oh, it's never enough

Verse 2:  G  D          Bm A          G
               Take it in, let it out
              D          Bm          A          G
               'Cos baby that's what it's about
             G            D           Bm
               Keeping 'round in your way
              A             G           D           Bm
               Back in your arms again, arms again
               Let me in now

Chorus:      G        D        Bm
               Don't hide your love
               Baby don't hide
             G        D       Bm              A
               Your pride is all, that you're thinking of
             G         D       Bm    A
               Don't hide your love
             C                  G            A
               'Cos there ain't time enough            

Verse 3:       The same old song in a brand new dress
               I grow so bored acquiesce
               Tell ne what can I do
               To bring you back to me, back to me
               Gonna bring you back now


Bridge:      C                G     
               Ooh, don't walk away
               I need you to stay
               It's got to believe there's more than this
             C                 G
               Oh how will I know
               If you're letting go
               I want what you want and more for less

(Solo)    Rhythm:    G  D  Bm  A    Oh yeah         
                     G  D  Bm  A
                     G  D  Bm  A
                     C    G    A

Verse 4:       Today I'm out, tommorow in
               I'm feeling upside down again
               You know it's so hard to tell 
               Oh, it's so hard to tell

Verse 5:       I try to see your moon reign
               To where we see light again
              You know it's here in my heart 
               It's burning bright for you, bright for you
               You gotta bring it home now
               Oh no
               Ain't time enough now

               Don't hide your love
               Don't hide your love
               Don't hide your love
               Don't hide your love