Seahorses-Happiness Is Eggshaped

D7  C   G/B   D7   C   G/B  

D                G       G/F#   Em        D        A7
happiness is eggshaped and loves a circle with no end
A7        D                               G      G/F#    Em      D
Its only four o clock in the morning and you're still driving me round 
D                D                       D7                 A7  
the bend  (gap) I'll tell you something I'll tell you true I've got a 
letter to send to you
D                    D                    D
Its twenty feet tall and its sprayed on a wall

then back to the start, the second time round carry on to

its 20 feet tall and its sprayed on a wall....

Am7                                    G        D             Am
You're to busy dreaming so what am I gonna do?    I've got to get you   
                               D       Bb      Bm    F#aug/A#
right off my back caus you're no fun   girl 
    Am                                      D     Bb    Bm    F#aug/A#
My whole world turning black caus you're no fun girl  

  A5          A5/G      A5/F#   A5/G         F         
I know theres 2 sides to every story you can keep your kiss of death 
     E               A         A7       D
caus I choose glory yeah.................

(it just repeats itself)