Late in the day by Supergrass

(Dmaj7) It's late in the day,
(Fmaj7)  I'm thinking of you,
(Am) things that you say,
(F) (Bb) so (F) long
(Bb) so (F) long (D) for (A) me


(A) And all the time I thought of you
(Fmaj7) (B7)In an ordinary way
(G/B) choke back down the heart away
(A) And all I really want to say
(Fmaj7) (B7) people pass along the way
(B7) thoughts of you and me again....
then, C, C/C# I think (weird chord, b/c only bass is playing!)

Keyboard solo:

Em - Em7 - C - F#m - D - A - A    x2

guitar solo (same as verse)
e ---2----------------------------------------------------------
B ---2----7---6------------------------------------10------5----
G ---2--6---6---------5-(6)-(5)---7-(9)-(7)-5------12-(14)-7-(9)
D ----------------5-7-----------5------------7-7----------------
A --------------------------------------------------------------
E --------------------------------------------------------------

e ---------------------------
B -10------5----------------5
G -12-(14)-7-(9)--7-6---6-7--
D ---------------------------
A ---------------------------
E ---------------------------

repeat x2 (perhaps a little more twiddly second time)