The Day Before Yesterday's Man by The Supernaturals

Verse 1:     
C                         G
Jesus, I'm freaking, I've had such a weekend,   
F                          C
I think I must be turning to dust,  (Not too sure about "dust"?)
C                             G
My girlfriend has dumped me, and headed for the country,
F                   C
with a boy who wears white socks,
I wish the pavements were burning, 
    F                  CC FF CC FF
and summer was coming along,
Instead I'm virtually freezing, 
    F                          CC FF CC FF
and working on this boring old song
              C    G        F   G              
'Cos when the shit hits the fan, 
              C              G    F    G 
you know I've always been an also ran,
C             G     F    G             
Please please understand, 
            C          G           F    G 
Yes I'm the day before yesterday's man, yeah!
G         F             C          F          
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, the day before yesterday, 
    C          F   
the day before yesterday

Verse 2:

   C                       G 
My palms are sweating, I'm trying hard forgetting
F                         C  
Things that I didn't even say,
        C                           G  
There's nothing on the box, and I'm getting desperate thoughts,
       F                  C
That I just can't keep at bay.
I wish the tables were turning, 
    F                     CC FF CC FF
and something was coming along,
Instead I'm virtually freaking, 
    F                      CC FF CC FF
and everything is going so wrong,

Up-tempo Outro:

G      F           CC FF CC FF  
Day, before, yesterday.