Take That-Everything Changes

Chords used
        EADGBe            EADGBe
Fmaj9   xx3553	Cadd9   x32030
Bm      x24432	E7      022130
Dmaj9     xx0220	G6/B    x20030
Em7     x22030	G6/A    x05430
A       x02220	E6      022120
Em/G    3x2000	Dmaj7   xx0222
Bm7     x24232	C#m7    x46454
F#m     244222	D       xx0232
Fmaj7   xx3210	B7sus4 x24200
Cmaj7   x32000

										       Forever more...

Dmaj9			     G6/B	  Em7     G6/A
Everything Changes but you...

A          E6	           Em/G        Dmaj7
     We've said goodbye, the taxi cab is waiting
A        E                   Em/G            Dmaj7          Bm7
     Now don't you cry, just one more kiss before I have to go
    C#m7   F#m       Bm7       C#m7      F#m     Bm7
Hey girl I know, the situation changed, 
      C#m7     F#m      Bm7                    D                                            
And so much is new, but something in my life remains the same cos...
Dmaj9                    G6/B
Everything changes but you
        Em7                          G6/A
We're a thousand miles apart but you know I love you
Dmaj9		           G6/B
Everything changes but you
         Em7                      G6/A
You know every single day I'll be thinking about you...

The rumour's true, you know that there've been others,
What can I do, I tell you baby they don't mean a thing,
Now girl don't go, and throw our love away yey
I'll be home soon, back in your arms to hear you say that...


Middle 8
Fmaj7             	         Cmaj			   
      Though everything changes around us,
(Baby don't you cry)
			       B7sus4   Bm7
We will be the same as before, forever more...

The sax solo is the same as the chorus..

Chorus x2

That's it! Ta-daaaaa!! That took me AAAAAGES!! Have fun :)