Terrorvision-Bad Actress                             

Main Riff (Clean)

This riff is repeated through the first two verses, with a clean C
then A played at the end of the first verse, and a distorted C and A
at the end of the second verse.

Verse 1:

  When you laugh, it just makes me cry,
  When you cry, it just makes me smile,
  When you smile, well that makes me mad,
                C             A
  When you're mad, it just makes me laugh.

Verse 2:

  When you're high, it just makes me low,
  When you're low, it just picks me up,
  You feel up, well that gets me down,
                 C             A
  When you're down, it makes me feel high.

The Chorus is played in powerchords (fifths), with distortion.


      G         A       F#        B           C
  And you never gave me anything, but I ended up with less,
  Blame it on the Bad Actress.
      G       A         F#          B           C
  And I never asked for everything, but I ended up a mess,
  D               B      E     B    E
  Blame it on the Bad Actress.

Verse 3 is played the same as verse 2, then is followed by the chorus.

Verse 3:

  If you leave, that means I'll stay,
  If you stay, I'll just have to go,
  When you go, then I'll have to wait,
              C            A
  If you wait, I'll just have to leave.